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Dowrite Imaging is one of the largest office suppliers in the nation. We strive to make sure that every product we carry is of top-quality and that our customer service is the best it can be. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve, so if you have any questions concerns or suggestions for us we would love to hear about them. Leave us a comment so on our site so we can take a look at it and make sure that were improving. If you’ve received a product that you love tell us about it. If you receive the product that wasn’t so great tell us about it as well because we want to know and we want the manufacturers to know as well. If you like our shipping or if we can improve on our shipping let us know. We always want to improve to make sure that we stay an industry leader in service, products, and pricing.


  1. I have never liked phone sales, I still don’t like phone sales. I get people want to sell their product but by phone always has a risk. Proved to me again with your sales calls.
    I guess that means you have good salespeople. I accept a trial order in October and new even if I like it that the cost was really more than my small childcare business could afford. I decided it worked well and it would certainly last me a long time so I wouldn’t be doing to bad but I was still late paying due to funds. I was given a discount of about 8 dollars or 8% which really didn’t make a difference. The frustrating part comes when I get another call saying that the purchase I made was only part of an entire unit. I felt stuck. I don’t remember all the original call details. I run a childcare, I’m distracted, busy and it’s noisy. So I do not recall being required to buy more than the first shipment. But to find out another shipment is on it’s way and I owe over 900 dollars made me feel ill. Four payments of $199.86 he says, I get a bill for $266.71. I can’t make those kinds of payments every month so now I’m behind and you’re calling me for payment. I’d rather send it back. Call and make arrangements if you can’t pay on time he said. I don’t have time to be on the phone my responsibility is to the children. So there is my opinion of your phone sales. Not detailed enough, not clear enough and payments are too large. I will stick with local shops or mail order catalogs in the future, Thank you very much.

  2. Wow, I have never had a response within minutes of a comment. That is impressive in itself. They do want customers to be happy with their product and service. I didn’t have a problems with the product(ink. It was just the quantity and cost that were beyond my means. I appreciate the response and help with resolving this issue. Should I need anything in the future I will look them up and just be sure I have my details correct. Thanks again!

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